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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stop Limiting GOD

God has so much in store for you!
his dream for you life is so much bigger then you can imagine.
You would go crazy if you new what god had in store for you.
 the man above is so loving and careing you cant compare him to know one.
it's time to stop thinking that GOD can't do great things for you because he can.
GOD gives us idea for things like inventions, a movie,
a song, a book, and more the list goes on.
GOD can give you one idea and you would be set for life if you dont believe it try GOD. When GOD put a dream in your heart, when he bring you face to face with opprtunities take advantage of it dont let your dreams pass you buy. GOD wants to do great things for us but we must do our part and step outside that box we've grown accustomed to. Start thinking big!!!!!!!!!!!

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