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Monday, October 5, 2009

Attitude Of Faith

We all must have a mind of faith,
when we are living favor-minded,
God's blessing are going to run us down and take over us.
What I'm saying is you won't be able to run from the greatness of  God.
Everywhere you go,
God is going to bless you and everything will change in your favor.
when you turn around somebody's going to bless you with something you desire, as long as you have faith in God.
God is always changing situations.
 He changed Noah situation when the earth was destoryed by a flood, Noah "found favor" in the sight of God (Gen. 6:8).
The goodness of God comes in the mist of life's challenges.
when hard times, always seem to finded you,
keep that attitude of faith,
and start declaring God's Favor don't get discouraged and developing a bad attitude.
Because God can turn your life around with his favor.
Keep your mind on good things.


Julie said...

Beautiful pic! :)

Sometimes it's hard not to get discouraged, but you are right... God most definitely has the power to turn it all around.

BillyBoy said...

you positive i like that we need more people like you

BillyBoy said...

thats whatz up..