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Friday, September 25, 2009



God can do all things its up to you to have faith.
If somebody put a gun to your head you got to believe that God will get infront of you and stop that pullet.
Your faith is your weapon you must believe that god is faith and faith is God.
When God created Heaven and Earth he didn't have men build it he spoke it and their it was.
To build your faith you must have the word of God in your spirit. Gods word is faith you must read your bible or find someone to teach you his word. Did you know every time we sin jesus has to die on the cross again? He is dying over and over for ower sin.
If he desided not to die on the cross today, GOD would kill us all thats real talk people this is not a game. We should be thinking him everday because he doesn't have to die on the cross for us,
but he loves us so much that he dies everyday for ower sins, to save us from going to hell. find him before it's to let.

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